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The Best Choice for Precision and Safety

Main breaks happen for various reasons as a normal part of operating a water utility. Overly cold, dry or wet weather causes the ground to shift, ultimately causing the pipes in the ground to leak. Time also weakens the integrity of the underground pipe. Damage can result from external corrosion of the pipe, where underground infrastructure is old and just fails.


Highly Cost & Time Efficient

Our vac truck service is the perfect option for sewer and water contractors when facing watermain breaks and repairs. We use our hydro excavation techniques to safely dig down to the damaged area. Allowing them to install a trench box or sheeting, to enter and make the necessary repairs. Using vacuum excavation is the easiest way to hold back leaking water from filling the repair hole, making it nearly impossible and unsafe to enter and fix.

We operate All Year & in All Weather Conditions

Watermain repair is often an unplanned emergency service needed by Contractors, Now! That’s why we are available 24/7 in any weather condition; rain, sleet or snow. We have the experience, equipment and resources to offer clients the results they need. You can count on Davids Hydro Vac the next time you are up against a water main break!