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The Best Choice for Precision and Safety

We can also dig pole holes in hard to reach areas. By attaching hose to the vac truck, we can hydro excavate remotely. Many times, contractors can’t get their equipment to the dig site, and vacuum excavation becomes the only reasonable option.


Highly Cost & Time Efficient

You can’t beat the efficiency of Davids Hydro Vac using our vacuum excavation trucks for digging pole holes! Our precise digging techniques make pole holes of any kind a breeze! We encourage our customers to stack them up, we can really knock them out, saving time and labor. We could fit a dozen plus pole holes in the truck before having to dump!

We operate All Year & in All Weather Conditions

We perform this service 24/7 in rain, sleet, or snow. We also have the equipment to backfill and restore these pits. We store and supply heated sand all winter, eliminating one more logistical step for our valued clients. Davids Hydro Vac is your one stop shop for vacuum excavation of splice pits and bell holes.