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The Best Choice for Precision and Safety

It is all possible by attaching hose to our hydro vac truck, laying it out and running it to the planned excavation site… Inside! We have used vacuum excavation for indoor digging on a variety of jobs. We have done everything from digging in basements for piping repairs, to digging out an orchestra pit, to elevator shafts!

With hydro excavation, the options are endless. We have the experience needed to handle the most complicated indoor dig projects. Contact Davids Hydro Vac today and our team of safe digging professionals will come up with a solution to safely handle any job!


Highly Cost & Time Efficient

Davids Hydro Vac can dig indoors using our vac trucks as well. Yes, nothing is impossible! Using Hydro Excavation, is by far the most efficient way to dig inside. It sure beats the old shovel and bucket method! And obviously conventional digging equipment isn’t going to fit. Using our hydro vac trucks for indoor excavating is the only way to go!

We operate All Year & in All Weather Conditions

We perform this service 24/7 in rain, sleet, or snow. We also have the equipment to backfill and restore these pits. We store and supply heated sand all winter, eliminating one more logistical step for our valued clients. Davids Hydro Vac is your one stop shop for vacuum excavation of all types.