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The Best Choice for Precision and Safety

Davids Hydro Vac has solved backfill and restoration challenges by offering solutions that work. We have figured out a formula to efficiently solve these logistical problems for our customers. Everyone knows that the faster the hole gets filled in the better. There is no excuse for a hole to sit open for days; this is risky and dangerous. 

We have a variety of equipment and backfill tools to get even the toughest, most time-consuming jobs done. We have the ability to provide backfill to fill the hydro excavated hole immediately after the client’s install or repairs are made. This is the safest way to prevent accidents from happening.


Highly Cost & Time Efficient

We tackle restoration needs after backfill, making us truly an all-inclusive service for our valued customers. We believe it only makes sense, to have us do the restoration work and return it to its original state. With our equipment, we offer the most non-destructive options available in the industry today. Leaving a minimal footprint behind.Many of our customers find it hard to get usable backfill in the winter. Our solution is heated class 5 and granular select sand.

We operate All Year & in All Weather Conditions

Many of our customers have trouble finding good backfill sand in the winter. We store and supply heated sand throughout the winter to meet the backfill needs of our customers 24/7/365. Davids Hydro Vac has real options that work for our client’s vacuum excavation, backfill and restoration needs.