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The Best Choice for Precision and Safety

Air excavation is another option that Davids Hydro Vac offers our Customers. Instead of using water, like in hydro excavation, we use bursts of air to break up the ground and then suck it up in to our vac truck. This is the perfect method for dirt that cannot be removed from jobsite. The dry material can be dumped right on site, and then used as backfill.


Highly Cost & Time Efficient

Air Excavation brings forward thinking solutions to projects. The ability to use air ensures more of the material/dirt is moved per load, in comparison to adding water in to the process. It provides safe and accurate results for locating buried utilities. It is an efficient way to assist in vacuum excavation with the ability to dump on site, thus saving time and money on travel time to and from dumpsites. No down time on jobsites… means more efficient labor costs.

Air excavation is not always the right solution, but when it is applicable, the benefits of this technique pay big! Call the safe digging professionals at Davids Hydro Vac to see if air excavation is right for your next project!

We operate All Year & in All Weather Conditions

We perform this service 24/7 in rain, sleet, or snow. We also have the equipment to backfill and restore these pits. We store and supply heated sand all winter, eliminating one more logistical step for our valued clients. Davids Hydro Vac is your one stop shop for vacuum excavation of all types.